Academic Office

The Academic Officeis a structural subdivision of DonNUET intended for planning, organizing, controlling and coordinating educational activities at the University

Address: Tramvaina, 16, office 409

+ 38 (056) 409 - 77 – 91

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General organization and coordination of educational activities in DonNUETis carried out by:

  • K. Snihur – ActingHead of the Academic Office

Employees of the department:

  • H. Shapoval - scheduling administrator of the Academic Office
  • O. Vasiliskina - database administrator
  • О. Yakovchuk - methodologist of the Academic Office
  • О. Liashenko - methodologist of the Academic Office
  • Yu. Chernova - secretary-typographer
  • Yu. Yakovenko - secretary-typographer

The main tasks of the Academic Office:

  • development of the strategyof educational activity at the University
  • coordination of the work of educational and scientific institutes and departments in the implementation of state requirements for the academic workorganization
  • entering and editing of complete and reliable data in the Unified State Electronic Database on Education
  • provision of official reporting
  • participation in the development and implementation of new methods of knowledge monitoringon full-time and part-time forms of education
  • participation in the development of regulations on the quality control system of the educational process
  • analysis of methodological support of educational activities
  • creation of a single bank of tasks for knowledge controlprocedure
  • organization of entrance control of knowledge, development of principles and methods of creation of a single bank of tasks for knowledge controlprocedure, analysis of results
  • organization of final control and certification, development of principles and methodology, analysis of results
  • control over the planning of the workload of scientific and teaching stuff, participation in the development of normative documents of the University related to labor planning, methodological assistance in planning
  • control over the fulfillment of the academic load by scientific and teaching stuff
  • monitoring the implementation of the curriculum by students
  • preparing the document for licensing and accreditation of new educational programs
  • analysis, compilation and statistical processing of information on the compliance of the provision of specialties with accreditation requirements

Statue on the training department

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