Research Department is a structural unit of the University which is set up for management of research and development works which are funded through the state and local budgets, University internal funds, assets of enterprises and organizations on a cost accounting basis, funded with grants and facilities which are bankrolled realization of integrated projects and programmes, including the international ones.

 Address: Tramvaina, 16, office 406 (409)

 + 38 (056) 409 - 77 – 90

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Basic goals and functions of Research Department are:

  • conducting fundamental and applied studies of priority fields of technical, natural and social sciences problems, and on this basis laying the theoretical foundation for principally new technologies;
  • making good use of University scientific potential to decide the applied issues of Ukraine economy development, carrying out the work of inter-sectoral and sectoral character;
  • implementation of a highly scientific and technical products, services, marketing, patent and feasibility studies;
  • specialists training improving by means of educational process enrichment with the results of the latest scientific studies, broad participation of higher-education teaching personnel, doctoral candidates, postgraduates, students in research work and projects, drawing students into creative work.

Statute on Research Department

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