Printing and Publication Department

The Printing and Publication Department is a structural subdivision of DonNUET, intended for editing and quality control of the University's printed publications,providing the educational process with educational and methodological developments.

Address: Tramvaina, 16

+ 38 (056) 409 - 77 – 97

Sub-editor is Tetiana Ruzhynska

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The main tasks of the Printing and Publication Department are

  • participates in the formation of thematic plans for the publication of literature, the identification of topics of publications, the selection of authors, compilers, reviewers
  • edits accepted for publicationmanuscripts, raise their literary levelby editorial skills
  • carries out preliminary work with the authors on creating the original author, assists in determining the composition of the publication (location of elements, sections, preparation of the book apparatus: foreword, bibliographic references, name and subject indexes, comments), coordinates additions, abbreviations
  • ensures that the structure of the content of the publication, the original of the publication, corresponds to the current normative documents
  • prepares and edits advertising materials for the publication, draws up copyright protection signs, checks the correctness of library indexes
  • monitors the quality of the checked and subtracted publishing original (educational and methodical literature), validates the manuscript for copy, makes copies for printing, and copies for release
  • sends out a mandatory copy of the scientific and methodological literature published in accordance with the list of mandatory mailing
  • submits to the accounting service draft contracts for the implementation of printing publications
  • participates in conferences, seminars, exhibitions, fairs, presentations, production meetings of publishers

Statue on the Printing and Publication Department

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