Sports and Recreation Camp “Soniachnyi”

Sports and Recreation Camp “Soniachnyi”

Student Sports and Recreation Camp “Soniachnyi” of Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after MikhailoTugan-Baranovsky is located in the village of Yalta, Manhushdistrict, Donetsk region, on the shore of the Azov Sea.

There are more than 60 recreation centers and boarding houses, a large number of children's health camps, private cottagesin the village and its environs. Nearby is the regional landscape park "Meteotida" is a habitat for rare bird species, most of which are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. The sea is shallow in the village, it warms up well. There are food marketsin the villagefor all summer.

Address: Kurortna, Manhush district, Donetsk region, Ukraine,

+ 38 (050) 869 - 58 - 78

Commandant – Olena Spakhi


  • The territory of the camp is more than one and a half hectares
  • Students can relax in single-story houses for 4 people in a room
  • The toilet room, washbasins and showers are located separately
  • Meals are served in a stationary canteen for 80 places
  • The camp has its own beach with well-maintained shady canopies
  • A medical worker is on duty at the campsite around the clock
  • For the organization of leisure sports are equipped football, volleyball and basketballgrounds, badmintonground, there are tennis tables and other sports equipment, there is also a cinema hall and equipment for a disco and other cultural events

Statute on the Sports and Recreation Camp “Soniachnyi”

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