Training Division

The Training Division of  Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after MikhailoTugan-Baranovsky is a structural subdivision of the University, which is engaged in the provision of advanced training services.

Address, Tramvaina, 16, KryviyRih

+ 38 (056) 409-77-91

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The main tasks of the Training Division are:

  • organization and coordination of the advanced University’straining system work
  • organization of educational process and integration of efforts of all subdivisions of the University in providing high quality of advanced training services
  • implementation of current and future planning of the Division's activities;
  • control over the quality of the educational process and the objectivity of assessing the results of the training of students, students of the Division
  • organization of work on the preparation and conduct of certification of graduates
  • organization of professional orientation activities;
  • communication with relevant institutions, enterprises for the professional development of specialists
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