Department of Information and Organizational Work


The Department of Information and Organizational Work is a structural subdivision of DonNUET, the purpose of which is to provide organizational, technical, technological, communication support for the creation, reallocation, distribution of information resources to ensure the University effective functioning

 Address: KryvyiRih, Tramvaina, 16, office 309 a

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The main tasks of the department are:

  • participation in the installation, operational repair and commissioning tests of computers
  • computersmaintenance
  • carrying out all types of computersprecheck and equipment maintenance
  • participation in all types of computers precheckand repair
  • collection, generalization and analysis of computers technical state information
  • carrying out works in order to improve the computers reliability
  • Participation in the development of orders for all types of material and maintenance support
  • control over material assets storage and consumption

  pdf Statute on the Department of Information and Organizational Work (1.18 MB)

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