Department of General Engineering Disciplines and Equipment

Department of General Engineering Disciplines and Equipment

The Department of General Engineering Disciplines and Equipment is a structural subdivision of DonNUETEducational and Scientific Institute of Hospitality Industry.

  • The Department of General Engineering Disciplines and Equipment is an administering department  and provides the training and qualification of specialists of all levels ofhighereducation (BA degree, Master degree, PhDdegree) with specializations in:
  • • 133 "IndustrialEngineering"
  • • 142 "PowerEngineering"

The department provides teaching of general engineering disciplines related to the theory and practice of industrial and power engineering, for the students of all University specialties.

Head of the Department is Andrii Vozniak, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Address:. Tramvaina, 16, office 108.

+38 (099) 984 - 77 – 87

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The Department of General Engineering Disciplines and Equipment was formed in 2014 as a result of the resumption of the University in KryvyiRih.

The Department provides the organization and realization of training process in the following disciplines:


  • Automation of Production Processes
  • Automation of Refrigeration Sets
  • Interchangeability, standardization and Technical Measuring
  • Hydraulics, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Circuits
  • Machine Parts
  • Exploitation and Maintenance of Machines of Food Production
  • Exploitation and Maintenance of Refrigerating Appliances
  • Electrophysic methods of Food Poduction Processing
  • Energy Savings in the Field
  • Refrigeration Machines Construction Engineering
  • Refrigeration Machines Construction Engineering
  • Innovation Technologies in the Field
  • History of Engineering Activity
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Design of Technological Equipment in the Field
  • Design and Technological Practical Training
  • Construction, Classification and Types of Refrigeration Machines
  • Control and Measuring Devices and Automation
  • Cryogenic Technique
  • Mathematical Methods and Models of Utilities Equipment in Computer Calculations
  • Mechanization of  Freight-Unloading Transport and Warehousing Operations in the Field
  • Mechanical Equipment of Restaurant Business
  • Descriptive Geometry and Engineering and Computer Graphics
  • Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics
  • Resistance of Materials
  • Fundamentals of Air-conditioning
  • Basics of Logistic in the Field
  • Basics of Durability of Machines and Their Elements
  • Basics of Occupational Safety and Emergency  Risk Management
  • Basics of Technical Systems Theory
  • Basics of Equipment Vibrosonics of the Field
  • Basics of Cold Application Technology
  • Occupational Safety in the Field
  • Perspective Processes and Equipments of Food Productions
  • Applied Mechanics, Processes and Equipments of Food Productions
  • Machines Parts Planning by Computer Design Methods
  • Industrial Refrigeration Industrial Appliances Engineering
  • Processes and Equipment of Food Productions
  • Calculation and Construction of Equipment of the Field
  • CAD System in the Field
  • Modern Computer Technologies in the Field
  • Modern Refrigeration Supply Systems
  • Theoretical Mechanics
  • Theoretical Basics of Electrical Engineering
  • Theoretical Basics of Heating Engineering
  • Theory of Mechanisms and Machines
  • Thermal Equipment of Restaurant Business
  • Heat-exchange Devices of industrial Refrigeration Appliances
  • Technological Equipment of Food Productions
  • Technological Basics of Mechanic Engineering
  • Technological Basics of Refrigeration Engineering
  • Enterprise Technological Engineering Units
  • Construction Materials Technology Materials Science
  • Technology of Refrigeration Engineering
  • Hotel and Catering Business Establishments Equipment
  • Physics
  • Refrigeration Technological and Trade Equipment
  • Refrigeration Technological and Trade Equipment of Food Productions and Stationary Installations
  • Refrigeration Compressor Machines and Installations
  • Refrigeration Machines
  • Refrigeration Technologies
  • Refrigeration Installations of Industrial Enterprises


  • Methodology of Scientific Research and Intellectual Property
  • Progressive Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Methodology
  • Progressive Thermal Equipment Manufacturing Methodology
  • Progressive Refrigerating Equipment Manufacturing Methodology
  • Technological Equipments Processes Modeling
  • Technological Equipment Parameters Monitoring
  • Engineering Analysis and  Construction of Equipment in the Field
  • Food Production Technological Equipment Automatic Design System
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