Department of Entrepreneurship and Trade

Department of Entrepreneurship and Trade

The Department of Entrepreneurship and Tradeis a structural subdivision of DonNUET Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship.

The Department of Entrepreneurship and Tradeisan administering department  and provides training and advanced training of specialists of alll evelsofhigher education (BA degree, Master degree, PhDdegree) with specialization in:

  • 076 "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges".

The department provides teaching of disciplinesrelatedtothetheoryandpractice of entrepreneurship structures development, for the students of all University specialties.

Head of the department is Svitlana Voloshyna, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor.

Address:Tramvaina, 16, office 506.

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Statute on the Department of Entrepreneurship and Trade


The Department provides the organization and realization of training process in the following disciplines:


  • Safety of  Goods
  • Economy of Small Business
  • Economics of  Enterprise
  • Economy of Enterprise of Restaurant Business
  • Economics of Trade
  • Economics of Tourist Business
  • Esthetics and Design of Products
  • Commodities Identification and Coding
  • Customs Regulation of International Economic Activity
  • Organisational and Legal Support of  Entrepreneurship
  • Fundamentals of Customs
  • Basics of Scientific Research
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise and Business Culture
  • Planning and Control in the Business Environment
  • Enterprise Potential and Development
  • Project  Analysis
  • Certification
  • Enterprise  Strategy
  • Technical Regulation  (Conformity Assessment)
  • Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity
  • Commodity Science
  • Commodity Science (Foodstuffs)
  • Commodity Science (Non-food Products)
  • Commodity  Science (Theoretical Fundamentals  of Commodity  Science)
  • Commodity  Science (Packing Materials and Containers)
  • Commodity Science of Flowers
  • Enterprise Business Model Forming


  • Anti-crisis Management of Enterprise
  • Restaurant  Business  Economy: Business  Process Reengineering
  • Economic Diagnostics
  • Economic Management
  • Expert Examination of Commodities
  • Information Customs Technologies
  • Methodology of Scientific Researches
  • Customs Business
  • Customs Formalities in Different Types of Transport
  • International Technical Regulation
  • Management of Enterprise Value
  • Management of Enterprise Economic Security
  • Management of Customs Risks

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