Department of Technologies in Catering Business and Hospitality Industry


The Department of Technologies in Catering Business and Hospitality Industryis a structural subdivision of DonNUET Educational and Scientific Institute of Hospitality Industry.

The Department of Technologies in Catering Business and Hospitality Industryis an administering department  and provides training and advanced training of specialists in different levels of high education (BA degree, Master degree) for the national economy and foreign countries with specializations in:

  • 181 "FoodTechnologies"
  • 241 "HotelandCatering Business "

The department is one of the leading departments of the University, whose activities are aimed at providing of the professional and practical training for specialists in catering and hotel business and food industry.

Head of the Department is Radion Nykyforov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Address:Tramvaina, 16, office 509

+38 (050) 473 - 68 – 28

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Statute on the Department of Technologies in Catering Business and Hospitality Industry

In 1963, the formation of a teaching staff of the Department of Technology and Catering was started for the teaching of special disciplines that provided the professional training of engineers-technologists of technology, organization, management, design, sanitation and hygiene. In 1966, the Department was divided into two profiles: technology of food production and catering. In 2000 the department united three departments and received the name "Department of Technology, Microbiology and Food Chemistry". In 2001, the department was divided into two departments and was named "Department of Food Technology". Since October 2014, the teachers of the department continued their work in KryvyRih at the new address of the DonNUET location.

The Department provides the organization and realization of training process in the following disciplines:


  • Bar Business and Sommelier Activity Management
  • Public Building Activity and Engineering Equipment of Buildings
  • Design of Objects and Interior of Apartments, Establishments of hotel and Catering Business
  • General Technology of Food Productions
  • Innovation Technologies in Hotel and Catering Business
  • Infrastructure of Hotel and Catering Business
  • Computer Technological Design
  • Culinary Art of Countries in the World
  • Control Methods in the Field
  • Microbiology and Commodity Science
  • Hotel Management
  • Hotel and Catering Management
  • Catering Management
  • Basics of Culinary Art
  • Basics of Scientific Research and Intellectual Property
  • Advanced Study of Hotel and Catering Business
  • Advanced Study of Catering Business Organisation
  • Advanced Study of Technologies in Restaurant Business
  • Project Planning of Dining Outlet
  • Project Planning of Objects of Hotel and Catering Business
  • Standardization, Certification and Metrology
  • Theoretical basics of Food Technologies
  • Technology in Catering Business Produce
  • Technology of Catering Business Produce
  • Catering Business Produce and Services Quality Management
  • Hotel and Catering Business Establishments Equipment
  • Physiology, Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Food Chemistry
  • Food Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Food Technologies
  • Chemistry



  • Innovative Technologies in Restaurant Industry
  • Innovative Technologies in Hotel Industry
  • Computer Modeling in the Field
  • Methodology of  Scientific Work
  • Research Scientific Work and Patenting
  • National Cuisines of the Countries across the World
  • Sanatorium-Resort Business Organization
  • Technological Basics of Foodstuff Security
  • Special Foodstuff Technologies
  • Quality Management and System Analysis of  Catering Business Produce and Services
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